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Diana Piedra, CYT
Yoga Instructor

Diana has dedicated her life to self expression and exploration through yoga and dance. Diana was certified in Yogic Arts by Duncan Wong at Moksha Yoga in Chicago in 2002. Yogic arts was a unique and artistic style of yoga. The practice married the beautiful discipline and skill of martial arts with ashtanga/vinyasa style yoga. At the young age of 22, she found tuning in for inner peace as opposed to tuning out, was the breath of fresh air she needed as a young mother. The practice of yoga quickly became as essential to her life as the air she was breathing. Diana went on to study prenatal yoga with Rhonda Kantor, and Fertility yoga at Pulling Down the Moon, both certificate programs in Chicago. The practice of serving and honoring women before during and after birth became a passion, culminating in her doula certification in 2018. Diana also teaches monthly classes for those struggling with addiction at a local addiction clinic. Diana feels her calling to facilitate in healing arts is the most important of her life. Her energetic, compassionate, and sometimes humorous approach allows students to learn, grow, laugh and smile even in the most difficult of poses. 2022 marks lucky number 20 years of teaching and has led Diana to embrace all she has learned from her gurus (Seane Corn, Shiva Rea, Nancy Gilgoff, Rod Stryker, Sharon Gannon, David Life, Sharon Denton, Dharma Mittra, Kino Mcgregor and Rolf Gates to name a few). She continues to explore her humble path, teaching, and being of service in the fertility and addictions communities. Come experience a grounded yet always fresh approach to the ancient practice of yoga.

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