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Emily Martinez, CYT
Yoga Instructor

Emily Martinez has been teaching yoga since 2020. Originally seeking a non-impact workout, Emily found herself exploring yoga. It helped relieve her aching hips, and to her surprise, it began to soothe her whole body, both emotionally and physically. Curious to learn more about yoga philosophy and to deepen her personal practice, Emily signed up for her 200hr teacher training in 2019 and is now currently enrolled in her 300hr yoga instructor teaching training. In Emily’s class, you can expect a deep connection to breath and self awareness of the body and mind. Her classes focus on building strength and flexibility with attention to proper alignment. Emily teaches with love, compassion and a touch of playful humor. She creates a space for students to experience the amazing effects of yoga and feel comfortable and confident in their practice. She incorporates yoga philosophy and meditation into classes that speak to inner peace, truth and endless possibilities. Emily can guide seasoned yogis or new beginners through classes that touch the mind, body and spirit.

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