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Lindsey Williams
Yoga Instructor


Through our 60-minute Yoga journey together, you will identify how you hold onto stress in your body and intentionally move toward a state
of zen.

You will begin each class with guided Pranayama and moving
meditation. This allows the mind to slow and your outward gaze to turn inward. With a quiet mind and a clear intention, you will move forward with a guided practice that combines Hatha and Vinyasa teachings. We use repetition of simple movement & breathing to flush out your stale
energy and bring suppleness and strength to your body.


Half-way through class, you will take your practice to your mat for a deep release, utilizing Pranayama in longer held poses. Through deepened breathe you will work through the mental & physical sensations that are stored in your hips, neck, back, etc. Bolsters, blocks & straps will be encouraged in order to experience deep healing &
ultimate relaxation.

Upon awakening from Savasana, you will feel more connected to your true self and ready to continue practicing Yoga off your mat.

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