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Aimee Higgs
Barre Instructor

Aimee has been teaching barre classes for over two decades, and she loves sharing this beautiful method of exercise with anyone who will listen. Nothing makes her happier than seeing the amazing benefits of this high repetition, low impact resistance training as it strengthens, lengthens, and creates longer, leaner muscles, all while developing a strong mind/body connection. According to Aimee, “The benefits of barre class are inevitable. It is a safe and effective way to become your strongest self by creating longer, leaner muscles. Barre is a gentle method of strengthening, toning, and balancing the body, all while keeping your mind/body connection strong.” Working out with Aimee is like taking a class from a best friend. She will teach you a challenging workout and spends most of the class walking around the room, adjusting and helping with modifications. If you are looking for a fun, safe class that will leave you aching the next day (in a great way), you found it!

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