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Vinyasa Yoga Classes

This timeless practice links movement and breath with flowing sequences. This class will strengthen your core, improve stability, power, balance, and calm your mind. If you're in the market for a faster-paced flow, consider vinyasa yoga your go-to version. Read more below to learn more about potential what it is and potential health benefits. All movements in a vinyasa class are coordinated with your breathing - there's no break in between poses. Rather, you are just dynamically moving from one pose to the next. This dynamic movement can flow at a rapid pace or it can be really slow depending on the class and instructor. Whatever the speed, all vinyasa classes share the element of moving dynamically with breath and self-awareness All vinyasa classes will probably start with an intention-setting phase and end in final relaxation. But in between, the format, pace, and other aspects will deviate from class to class. In some vinyasa classes, the teacher might call out poses with the expectation that students will know how to do them. In OUR vinyasa classes, like in alignment-based vinyasa classes, the teachers will provide more instructions on how to perform postures.

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