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Barre Yoga Classes


Barre Yoga is a low-impact exercise that delivers similar benefits to stand-alone Yoga; including increased flexibility, improved posture & body alignment, and activated core muscle groups. The key difference is a barre workout teaches muscular control and endurance specifically in the hips and shoulders while integrating core stability.

Barre combines ballet-inspired movements (the barre that gives this training style its name is used as a support for some ballet exercises which are typically done in a barre class) with functional strength exercises. 

In general, Barre could be thought of as a fusion of Pilates, classical ballet moves and dynamic stretching.


You'll use just the barre (you can also use a sturdy chair) for support, and your body weight or small pieces of equipment such as ankle weights or low-weight dumbbells to add resistance while you perform a  number of reps — the goal is to work the muscles to the point of tension release with a focus on balance, and body awareness. 

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