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Nicole Folsom
Barre Instructor

Nicole started taking barre classes in 2016, and she has four years of experience as a barre instructor. As a former dancer, her initial desire was to enhance her physical strength and flexibility. Nicole found that barre classes not only kept her physically healthy throughout two pregnancies, but they also improved her confidence, resilience, and overall mental health. She connected with a diverse community of amazing and encouraging people. Nicole has also been a school psychologist for over a decade. She has dedicated her career to advocating for and helping all children feel successful regardless of any challenges they may experience. Nicole applies many of the same principles when teaching barre classes. She strives for everyone to feel welcomed and supported while working towards their personal goals. Outside of work, Nicole dedicates most of her time to her husband and two young children. She enjoys going out to eat, spending time in the outdoors, laughing with friends, and relaxing at home.

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