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Yin Yoga / Yoga Blend

Yoga Practice

Yin Yoga is the perfect complement to our busy western lifestyles. The constant “on the go” mentality really does take a toll on our mental and physical state. Many people like to burn off their energy with a session at the gym or a flow class but we don’t really take a pause to replenish our true selves. That’s where yin yoga comes in. This practice slows it all down and holds particular poses for longer periods of time to target the fascia instead of the muscles. The web of postures are precisely selected to stimulate specific Traditional Chinese Medicine meridians and organs to facilitate the flow of Chi (energy), to reset your nervous system and to nourish your tissues. They say the medicine is in the stillness!

This class is primarily done on the floor using props to support the body in various postures that are held anywhere from 2-5 minutes.


We look forward to having you in class soon!

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