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Barre Classes

Barre classes involve a type of workout that integrates ballet-inspired movements. In fact, barre was created in 1950s by Lotte Berk, who was a ballerina from England who suffered a back injury and set out to combine her rehabilitation with her ballet barre routines to design a new exercise program. Barre classes focus on challenging the body’s balance and building strength. They require just the a waist-level horizontal bar ballerinas use for stabilization) to execute the fitness routine. The barre is used as a point of support and stabilization during exercises, and a chair can be substituted if you’re doing an at-home barre class. Some classes will incorporate dumbbells as resistance to help increase muscular endurance and strength. Some barre workouts also engage participants to execute movements while in certain ballet postures, such as first position or second position, which are ballet-specific ways to position the feet while standing.

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