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Barre Pilates

Yoga Class

Barre Pilates: This class blends barre basics with Pilates mat practice.


For many, the introduction to Pilates involves an introduction to an entirely new form of work out and mental engagement. If you come from a background of typical yoga, pilates and gym workouts that center on strength and cardio training, the Pilates focus on body weight training and smaller movements is a difference compared to conventional pilates. Pilates allows you to focus on specific muscles to move fluidly at a controlled, guided and disciplined pace while building that invigorating and restoring experience in the muscles that results from a barre pilates class.

Barre Pilates introduces signature moves that are informed by ballet conditioning and dance movements. Isometric contractions are where we hold the body in challenging poses such as Plank or single-leg balances, which are integrated, functional moves for all genders at every age.


These moves improve balance, our sense of mind to body connection and and coordination - skills and strengths that enable healthy bodies and minds at every age, for life.

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